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The Queensland Progressives are a growing party and our people are at the centre of what we do. Our Executive Committee helps to guide our direction alongside our members. 

Executive Committee

Edward Carroll

Interim QLD President

Originally born and raised in Sydney, I moved up to Brisbane when I was 12, as Sydney's cost of living became too high for my family. Finishing high school at Corinda State High, I then studied an Advanced Diploma of Jazz and a Bachelor of Arts majoring in International Relations and Psychology before dropping out to work full time in hospitality.

For over ten years hospitality has been my career. I have gone from running gaming in pubs and clubs, where I saw the damage and human cost of gambling addiction, to serving politicians and dignitaries at Private Members' Clubs and hotels. My career has been based on listening to people and treating all as equal.

Although I have always been involved in politics, having been a member of Australian Democrats until they fell apart, it wasn't until my sons came in to my life that I found purpose to my political aspirations. I want to leave a world for them that is better than today. That is what I will fight for.

Luigia Calvisi

North Queensland Rep

I was born in Melbourne, of Italian immigrants in the 50s, and moved to Cairns initially in 2003. I love my new home town. My interest in politics started pretty much with the sacking of Whitlam, and has grown considerably since then. I've always been a bit of an idealist, but life's experiences have taught me that to achieve a better society and world, practical and strategic optimism needs to be adopted. 

I joined the Australian Progressives because I believe like them, "that the wealth of this nation will come from the empowerment of it's people; by fostering creativity and ingenuity, by investing in the future and by supporting the disadvantaged."

Stephen Connor

Central Queensland Rep

Born and raised in Rockhampton, the 'Beef Capital of Australia', I have been in the rural landscape most of my life. I understand the issues faced by many rural communities. I have a keen interest in sustainability, and am currently building a sustainable straw-bale house with my family. Currently, I am studying Electrical Engineering to further my career in the electricity supply industry; I hope to use my knowledge to provide sustainable energy production systems for future generations. 

After holding the role as the local Amnesty International group convenor for several years, I found that none of the political parties could satisfy my desire for equality and compassion, and subsequently joined the Australian Progressives. I believe everyone deserves the opportunity to thrive and will do whatever I can to support and empower them.

Martin Hadfield

Darling Downs Rep

I am 48 years old, married to the most beautiful woman in the world, who has blessed me with three daughters. I am a man of faith, but am hesitant to remotely connect myself with the term 'Christian' as it currently is used by those in the public spotlight. I have spent the last 28 years in the health industry, firstly as a nurse, and the last 17 years as a paramedic. I spend my spare time enjoying bushwalking, reading, watching movies, and in between all that I study law on a part time basis.

Why did I join the Australian Progressives? Well good question, given engaging in politics or political conversations are a kind of taboo area for many Australians, to our own detriment. I have a strong social justice heart, and a tendency to annoy people when I get on my soap box, which is frequently. I believe the time is now, desperately, when people need to become politically engaged. We live in a time where socially and environmentally we have to take a stand, otherwise we will tip off a precipice. There are only so many petitions and social media posts one can use to try and change things- largely unsuccessfully. So, I needed to get off my keyboard warrior position and take more of a 'hands on' role to change the world. Traditionally I have voted Labor. But like lots of people, I have become disillusioned with the modern look of the party, and so began looking for an alternative. What attracted me instantly to the Australian Progressives was our vision statement- it put into words a framework from the heart of the party, that touched so many areas of my social justice heart.

My desire is to see the Australian Progressives continue to stand up for those on the margins. To say enough of the corruption from those who are meant to represent us. To continue to see the world and it's environments as something to value and protect, not to pillage and destroy for the monetary benefit of a few. The Australian Progressives I want to see in 5 years time is a party which has influence in public discussions, has greater 'brand recognition' if you like, and is seen as a party that is well known for its unwavering ethical stance on issues, whilst following the evidence. Thank you.

Steve Walters

QLD Membership Director

I grew up in country NSW, before moving to Brisbane at 19~20 years old. Sydney always felt to big, crowded and busy for me. I'm really enjoying Brisbane, the climate, the people, the whole lifestyle in general. I joined Australian Progressives because I was looking for something different. The 2 main parties seemed more interested in trying to 1-up each other than actually doing anything productive. 

I love the environment and think it needs protecting (along with our amazing, unique and diverse wildlife), that's why I'm currently studying a double bachelor's in Environmental Science & Marine Science Management. I wanted a party that would put people, science and ethics before any donors. I'm ready for a change in Australian politics, are you?

Steven Pidgeon

General Committee Member

Current Law and Business student and Research Assistant at Griffith University. I have an interest in politics, policy and law reform. I was drawn to Australian Progressives due to their emphasis on evidence-based policy, empathy, and ethics.


Progressive Party Representative

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