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Be part of a modern, open, transparent political party that is seeking to become a party of government in the 21st century. A party guided by principles and values, not ideology. Queensland Progressives believe that politics can be positive, and when we work together the best is brought out in all of us. We are a party of ethical and evidence based policy, working to restore integrity and center people over profits in our communities.

About us

"Queensland Progressives will be a party that governs for the benefit of the community. Removing the structural inequalities that create disadvantage, listening to First Nations
peoples, and searching for opportunities to give the tools of self-determination to every community across our state. 
We will build bridges where others place walls, and will actively
seek to sustain the land, seas, and skies that support us all. We are a party of integrity, dedicated to removing the influence of money in politics and ensuring the highest standards
of accountability are held to all."

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Our team

Edward Carroll

Interim Qld President   

Luigia Calvisi

North Queensland Rep

Stephen Connor

Central Queensland Rep


Martin Hadfield

Darling Downs Rep

Steve Walters

QLD Membership Director

Steven Pidgeon

General Committee Member

Progressives in Queensland are working together to create a single, open, modern and transparent organization to advocate for progressive policies and ideals. We believe that by uniting our voices, we can make a difference in the state and help move Queensland forward in a positive direction.

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Join the Queensland Progressives to help guide our party and contribute to building a better life for all of us. 


The Queensland Progressives do not accept corporate donations. Donate today to support democratic politics. 

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